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A Consultant to Survey and Obtain Data from Communities

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There is a lot of information on Cardano, and very good information regarding on-chain data. 

Platforms like Cardano Blockchain Insights, Poolpm, Cardano Explorer, CardanoScan, AdaStat, Cardano StakePool Explorer, AdaTools, Cardano PoolTool, among many others, provide great insights into Cardano network metrics. 

Although some of the platforms I mentioned contain the number of wallets, the number of users on Twitter, or on other social networks, they do not provide information on the usage preferences and needs of the Cardano community, because these data are off-chain.

There is not enough data on how the general public interacts with Cardano, and what their knowledge is about the ecosystem. This information can be valuable to developers, and this would require investing time and money to obtain it.

Companies hire consultants to conduct market research before launching new products. For this, the consultants carry out surveys aimed at the market of interest, defining population segments, age groups, economic levels, gender, and other information that is relevant to know the preferences of the target of their products, the client.

To this day no such specific methodology has been implemented for Cardano. There is no market information about the community. The team of this proposal wants to address the challenge of obtaining information from global users, developing the consulting work, with public funds, so that it is available to the entire community. I will explain the proposal of this ambitious project presented in Catalyst.

The Project

With this project, the developers intend to provide information analysis based on real data, obtained from the people who will be the end users of products on the blockchain.

The proposal is to build a web platform where relevant information is displayed on a series of dynamic surveys, carried out so that risk managers, actuaries, data analysts, developers, startup executives or project managers can consult and make decisions at the time to develop projects on the Cardano blockchain.

The project will seek direct information from the general public, based on questions about blockchain, what platforms they know, if they know Cardano, what wallets they use, if they use any product, or if they only speculate and invest in blockchain, among other issues.

The data obtained will form an information base with a visual analysis, from the query through an API, producing a response in JSON format, so that the entire Cardano community can export, saving time and money for emerging ventures, with fewer resources, they can build solutions that the community demands, focusing their developments in a more appropriate way. 

The initial phase will consist of conducting surveys in eight different countries, over a period of three months, recruiting members of the Cardano community, to obtain real data. Most of the budget will be allocated to the interviewers who will carry out the interviews directly and with real people.

The remote survey is one of the possibilities, especially in those countries that have restrictions due to COVID19. The survey platform will have the option to share it.

The Roadmap

The team promises that the frontend and backend of the platform will be available in the first week.

It will also develop the first design of the databases, and the first implementation of the data analysis scheme.

After the first week, the surveys will start and the platform, database and data model will be updated.

After the first week, the entire community will be able to use the platform and the API, obtaining the data that is incorporated just-in-time.

You will also be able to measure the number of API requests, views, clicks and all the usual metrics used by marketers. 

The team understands the need to keep the information updated, since the community and its preferences are dynamic, and for this the data must be updated. 

In the next iterations, the platform will be updated according to the needs of the community and the new models, since, with more data, predictive models can be created about users.

The Budget

Requested funds of USD 25,000

  • USD 1,000 per month for three months for a full stack developer from LATAM.
  • USD 1,000 per month for three months for a data analyst who is from LATAM with knowledge of blockchain.
  • USD 750 per month for three months for eight workers who will carry out the surveys in different countries.
  • 1,000 USD for hosting, domain name and variable expenses.

The Team

The Mexican developers and entrepreneurs, PiensaLibre and DjSam, form the team of this proposal. 

They present themselves as Bachelors in Computer Science from Mexico, with experience in web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence and blockchain in general.

His contacts are: 

. . .

You can see the original proposal in Catalyst: Spend Less Time And Money

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