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ADAmail: Connecting Email and Blockchain

In ADAmail, IAMX and NMKR are combining blockchain technology and digital communication to redefine how Cardano Community members interact. This project bridges the gap between decentralized ecosystems and conventional communication by combining traditional email with Web3 utility. ADAmail users can send emails directly to Cardano wallets, opening up a new world of utility. With ADAmail, wallets aren’t just for transactions anymore.

Email is changing! Integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) turns email addresses into personalized assets. You can sign emails with wallets for verification, and transfer assets by email. Three access passes are available: Base Pass, Gold Alias Pass, and $handle Pass. ADAmail emphasizes privacy and identity by allowing users to choose how to identify themselves, from anonymity to verified KYC.

ADAmail’s CEO and Co-founder Tim Heidfeld was gracious enough to do an interview with me for this article. I asked him how the collaboration between IAMX and NMKR started, and he said:

TIM: “Long story short, Dennis (CTO of IAMX) called Patrick (CEO of NMKR) to ask him a question regarding ADAmail. Patrick laughed and told Dennis that he likes to build exactly the same. As NMKR was one of our first IAMX supporters ever, the decision to work on ADAmail together was made in a second. The product is running under the umbrella of IAMX, because of internal organization. The inspiration came from the realization that email is actually an ancient but everlasting medium of communication. We thought about what a web3 email system could look like and what it should be able to do. The strength of NMKR is among other things to have a super good and reliable minting system and to know the challenges of many NFT projects. IAMX, as a developer of a digital identity ecosystem, already had a few ideas in the drawer, but they hadn’t found the right place yet. ADAmail is a great way to integrate tools that have already been developed.”

I asked Tim how ADAmail enhances communication within the crypto community through a unique blend of email and Web3 on Cardano. He said:

TIM: “We all know that “connect wallet” will be the beginning of many interactions on the Internet in the future. Wallets will be as essential as browsers… So, let’s start with implementation. My securely encrypted wallet is the door to all my applications, including my mailbox. Pay, vote, stake, sign, communicate, receive airdrops (compliant) via email, etc… all with the help of your wallet and the ADAmail platform. Connect yourself to the newsletter of your favorite projects, while you have the possibility to stay anonymous. You choose the way you communicate, from a KYC’d email signature to complete anonymous communication.”

Do you know how email works? Then you know how ADAmail works! I asked Tim to tell me in the simplest terms possible how a user can engage with ADAmail, and he responded with the following:

TIM: “(1) Login with your wallet containing the ADAmail NFT (2) Choose your sender alias (3) Write the email (4) Plan the time of sending (5) click send… Done… 

We built a web3 tooling set on a Web2 email service, to be compatible with the IRL world. We will enable a lot of web3 features for our users. And we just started…”

In addition to bolstering security, the ADAmail NFT eliminates the need for passwords, which are often an attack vector for unscrupulous hackers. According to Tim, “Using a crypto wallet is probably one of the easiest and most secure login methods available.” The ADAmail approach not only provides a layer of security but also empowers users with absolute ownership and control over their email accounts. With blockchain and email merging, ADAmail is pushing us toward a safer, more privacy-centric, and decentralized email standard.

Tim told me how the different types of aliases work in ADAmail:

TIM: “We have different use cases for the aliases:

– complete anonymous mailing – sender looks like: [email protected]

– mailing using your stake key – sender looks like: [email protected]

– personalized email sending – sender looks like: [email protected] 

In the future you are also able to sign your email with your KYC. There are some use cases we would like to cover, for example signing into an airdrop list / whitelist with your KYC.”

We’re talking to IAMX here, of course, so I had to ask about how Decentralized Identifiers can be integrated with email to bolster privacy without downgrading the user experience. Tim responded with the following:

TIM: “The integration of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) with email systems can potentially enhance both privacy and user experience. It’s an evolving landscape, with numerous opportunities for innovation and improved digital interactions.


1. Enhanced Security:

DIDs are built on blockchain technology, which ensures a higher level of security compared to traditional identifiers. Transactions and identity verifications done through DIDs are secure and tamper-evident.   

2. Self-Sovereign Identity:

DIDs allow users to have greater control over their personal data. Users can decide what information to share and with whom, enhancing privacy.

3. Reduction of Centralized Control:

By decentralizing identity verification, there is a reduction in the control wielded by centralized authorities (like big tech companies), potentially reducing instances of data misuse.

User Experience:

1. Simplified Authentication:

DIDs can simplify the authentication process. Users could potentially use a single DID to authenticate themselves across various platforms, reducing the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

2. Streamlined Processes:

Through verifiable credentials, users can seamlessly and securely share validated information, which can streamline processes such as signing up for new services or verifying one’s identity, thereby enhancing the user experience.

3. Interoperability:

DIDs are designed to be interoperable, allowing users to use their DIDs across different networks and platforms seamlessly. This interoperable nature can improve the user experience as they can manage their identities and services more efficiently.

4. User-Centric:

Since DIDs are user-controlled, individuals can update or rotate their DIDs easily, giving users the agility to manage their identity profiles actively and dynamically.”

I was curious about ADAmail’s mass-emailing feature, so I asked Tim how it could empower project owners and managers in their communication strategies? He said:

TIM: “Project owners are able to communicate with their communities in a new secure and anonymous way. They could do votes via email. I would like to see a DAO use ADAmail for voting and communication. I can’t hide that I’m a big fan of DAOs and I follow the evolution of some of them.”

NMKR and IAMX both have their own tokens, so I asked Tim how holders could benefit from ADAmail. He said:

TIM: “We will soon offer supporters of the founding companies a nice incentive. As we have to look at the compliance side of our plan… and we like to use only the ADAmail system… So, I’m super sorry for not having great & reliable info for you. But what I can tell you is that we will soon start to reveal more partnerships with some outstanding Cardano projects. We are so grateful that some early birds/builders contacted us right away and already knew what’s possible. They gave us some ideas as well. For sure this project will be in the ‘pole position’ for integration.”

Things are happening fast! In the days since this interview took place, ADAmail has announced some interesting new updates. They are the Web3 email service of choice for Token Allies, the decentralized Cardano venture capital fund. ADAmail has also integrated Cardano Calendar into the email service, so it’s easy to see what events are currently happening in the Cardano ecosystem.

There’s no denying that ADAmail is doing exciting things when it comes to combining Web3, blockchain, and email convenience. Users have unprecedented control, privacy, and functionality when it comes to email communication. With the Cardano Community set to continue growing in the coming years, ADAmail’s innovative approach should reshape how enthusiasts connect and collaborate, so be sure to check back for more updates as IAMX and NMKR continue to innovate.

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