ALDEA Aims to Break Language Barriers and Continue Expanding the Cardano Community

Saludos hermanos y hermanas de la comunidad de Cardano. Esto es para ustedes. Se ha reconocido que existe una brecha entre Catalyst y la comunidad de habla hispana en rápido crecimiento. Esto debe cambiar.

For those of you who drew a blank at the above, consider the predicament an insight into the nature of this funding proposal.

The Cardano Catalyst community is arguably one of the most innovative achievements of the ecosystem. Bringing on-chain governance to our fingertips, it unites us as we advance disruptively towards a fully decentralized world. With an international family of members contributing on an hourly basis, it’s easy to assume that everyone’s got a fair seat at the table. However, there’s always room for improvement.

ALDEA’s Plan for Further Integration

You might remember ALDEA from the Fund4 proposals. Where they outlined their plan to make a fully functioning DAO, catering specifically for Spanish speakers. Well now they’re back, with a plan to further integrate the Spanish speaking community onto the Cardano network. ALDEA Catalyst will essentially be a Spanish version of the Catalyst support site. This will allow respective native speakers to find information about Catalyst, while developing a range of new skills to support the ecosystem.

A Familiar Team

The project is devised by the Falcon Cardano stakepool and ALDEA core development team, which consists of Entrepreneurs, WyoHackathon winners, Senior IT geeks and long term Cardano advocates. Matias Falcone, founder of Falcon Cardano Stakepool says.

“One of the most important objectives we have is to provide a safe space for people to self-govern, and solve real world problems. In order to do so, it’s vital to understand how a decentralized funding process like that of Project Catalyst works. But, with the information we currently have available in Spanish, it’s very unlikely for the Latin American Community to achieve this goal.”

The Framework

As it stands, Project Catalyst offers the following roles for people who want to participate. Proposer, Team Member, Community Advisor and Voter.

For Proposers, the benefits include the ability to network with like-minded individuals, receive language support, find team members and get feedback from the community. Team Members can grow a reputation and a profile within the ecosystem, while finding proposals to work on. Community Advisors stay up to date with everything relevant to their roles, and the different funds, while Voters receive translated information on different initiatives and proposals, allowing them to fully understand their impact, and therefore better exercise their voting rights.

If ALDEA can replicate the above, in a fully functioning Spanish version, it will encourage meaningful participation from the Spanish and Latin American communities.

How Will ALDEA Achieve This?

In order to achieve their ambitious vision, ALDEA have divided the broad scope of their project into two different parts.

Short-Term Goals
Discord Server (already up and running) for Proposers, Team Members and Community Advisors to collaborate, discuss ideas and proposals, share insights and make teams.They will also carry out Translations of Proposals, and the production of diverse guides for different users that want to participate, or learn about Project Catalyst.

Long-Term Goals
ALDEA will build a ‘Talents Board’ where Proposers can search for the best fit for their teams. The Board will have information about the profile of the person, and history about previous proposals or bounties they collaborated with. This way, both Proposers and Team Members will grow a reputation within Project Catalyst and the Community, for everyone’s benefit.

Phase One: Discord, Landing Page and Translations

  • Discord Server – done
  • Upgrade Discord Server with bots, notifications, channels, polls, calendars and more support for the Community.
  • Landing Page – ongoing (an MVP will be released shortly)
  • Translation Service – a translation of the most important Proposals will be shared with the Community prior to each Governance Phase.
  • Guides will be produced and maintained according to Project Catalyst updates and changes.

Phase Two: Talents Board

  • Landing Page becomes a platform.
  • User registration with different roles (Proposer or Team Member)
  • Complete profile with personal information, previous experience and skills
  • Proposers can publish their project and the potential skills they need
  • Team Members can tag themselves as “seeking opportunities” or can apply for open positions.

Phase two is complementary to Phase one: The Discord server and the translation service will go on after Phase two is complete.

They will measure the success of the Proposal, and the engagement of the Community with it by using the following metrics:

  • Number of active Proposers in Discord Server.
  • Number of ALDEA Community Proposals that made it to Project Catalyst.
  • Percentage of ALDEA Community Proposals that got funded in Project Catalyst.
  • Average rating of the ALDEA Community Proposals in Project Catalyst.
  • Number of active Team Members in Discord Server.
  • Number of active Community Advisors in Discord Server.
  • Number of Users registered on ALDEA Catalyst platform.
  • Number of Users promoting themselves in the Talents Board.
  • Number of matches between Proposers and Talents, using the Talents Board.

The Price Tag 

It’s important to note that ALDEA is only requesting funds for the first phase of the project, which is estimated to be completed within six months.

The budget is as follows:

  • Grow the Discord Server with bots, channels, polls, calendars and support for Proposers, Team Members, Community Advisors and Voters. They estimate 10 hours of work each month for these tasks.
  • Translation (and easy to understand explanation) of “Most Popular” proposals from each challenge of all funds, prior to the Governance Phase. They will translate 30 Proposals from each Fund (for the next six funds). They estimate it will take one hour to translate each Proposal and another hour to write a good review about it.
  • Development of a website with information about Project Catalyst, guides, calendar with important dates and translations of most important proposals from each fund. The site will be running for six months, and the budget also includes the necessary work to keep it up to date with the latest Catalyst news, and information about each proposal.
  • Hosting Infrastructure.

Cost Breakdown 

  1. Six month period
  2. USD $20 hourly rate
  • Translation of Proposals + Review : 360 hours -> USD $7200
  • Discord Upgrades & Maintenance: 60 hours -> USD $1200
  • Website Development, Update & Maintenance: 25 hours -> USD $500
  • Hosting > USD $180

TOTAL: USD $9080

Funds for Phase two will be requested in a future proposal. Occurring only when the team is comfortable with the progress of Phase one, and the time feels right to take a step further in the development of ALDEA Catalyst.

It’s likely that after Phase two (and of course once ALDEA becomes a fully operating DAO) they will need an allocation from its treasury, in order to run all these Community related projects. (This would be after Smart Contracts are available on Cardano). This way, ALDEA Catalyst will become a self-sufficient project.

How Will Success be Defined?

Within three months the team expects to have met all of their short-term goals. They expect to have obtained meaningful participation in the Discord channels, where members will discuss new proposals and get together to form human teams. Within six months they will have completed phase one, having developed a working site, which will include translated proposals, Town Hall updates, training materials and guides to participate in Project Catalyst. Their 12 month time frame aligns with the completion of phase two, they will have brought the Talents Board and user registration to the platform. Here, Proposers will be able to find members in order to build stronger teams, providing people with further opportunities for growth. The MVP (minimum viable product) will be live by May 31st 2021, in preparation for Fund 5 Governance Phase. Subsequent updates and improvements will be made as outlined in our goals and phases above, within the three to six months period for phase one, and six to 12 months for phase two.

Over Half a Billion People, Waiting to Jump Onboard

An estimated total of 543 million speakers, Spanish is now the world’s fourth most spoken language, behind Hindi, Mandarin and English. Latin America accounts for a huge portion of this total. With the social and economic pressures that accompany life in the region, it’s imperative that we offer a hand towards onboarding its citizens onto the Cardano network. The ability to purchase and earn ADA through staking offers some much needed financial stability, in an area where devaluation of the currency is a consistent problem. If ALDEA can secure funding and bring their vision to life, it will not only benefit the Spanish speakers in our community, but will further advocate for the spirit of inclusivity and development that we’re all striving to achieve.

If you’d like to know more information or have questions/comments regarding ALDEA’s proposal, check out the link. Log in – Project Catalyst ( or en español.

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