Blockademia: Verification System for False Academic and Professional Credentials

Blockademia is a system fighting the rising number of false academic and professional credentials by allowing institutions to issue diplomas and certificates to their students on the blockchain. Blockademia will partner with institutions to create and publicly sign their certificates on the Cardano blockchain. As a result, students will get an immutable proof of their academic merit accessible through Cardano anywhere and anytime while institutions will reduce their costs of issuing certificates and access their historical data. 

False academic and professional credentials are a growing global issue that is affecting different sectors of the economy. For instance, dozens of government employees were discovered to have falsified diplomas and certificates in the last few years in the Republic of Croatia alone. Illegal businesses issuing false documents are thriving and the consequences are serious and can be blamed for poor employee performance. 

Blockademia plans to be self-sustainable through the implementation of ACI utility token. Institutions will be required to hold a certain number of ACI tokens in an escrow account to create and issue certificates. The system will leverage smart contract functionality by developing a set of open-source smart contracts to be used by institutions. 

The Team

Blockademia’s team consists of diverse individuals with different skill sets, all led by the core values of integrity, excellence and teamwork. Currently, the team is investing its own funds and time for the web front-end development as a show of dedication to the project. 

Team Members:

  • Goran Težak – entrepreneur and co-founder of Smart Contract d.o.o., stake pool operator  
  • Marin Kramarić – entrepreneur, co-founder of Smart Contract d.o.o., Cardano ambassador, stake pool operator 
  •  Nikola Glumac – full-stack developer, blockchain developer, entrepreneur, owner of THESPIAN d.o.o.  
  • Denis Fusek – Application Development Team Leader 
  •  Filip Blagojević – entrepreneur, industrial software engineer, Plutus Pioneer, Project Catalyst Community Advisor and Veteran Community Advisor  
  • Vedran Vukman – team advisor, co-founder of Revuto 
  •  Dijana Latković – entrepreneur, marketing manager of Smart Contract d.o.o.  
  • Iva Grković – entrepreneur, accountant manager of Smart Contract d.o.o
  • Srđan Družeić – app development manager 
  • Branimir Fuliga – CISO manager (security)  
  • Tomislav Vajić – exchange integrator  
  • Sanja Kušević – CMO 
  • Emina Bašić – marketing & community manager  
  • Aron Paulić – marketing & PR  
  • Damir Novotny – finance advisor

The members have more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the field of credentials verification, experienced blockchain developers, SPO’s, Catalyst vCA. The members are also in the academic field, and boast of existing connections in the field, which can help bring in partners to the project.

Requested Budget

The amount requested is $50,000 which will be used in the following ways:

  • Web development (back end software development and design) – $6.000
  • Web development (registration form and loyalty program for token presale) – $11,000
  • Web development (referral system & KYC) – $18,000
  • Marketing (SEO, social media, PR & review incentives) – $15,000

Looking Forward

Blockademia is creating a win-win system that will solve a niggling problem that continues to haunt the education sector, employers, students and job applications. What this team intends to create will ensure students get an immutable proof of their academic merit accessible through Cardano anywhere, anytime. This will completely eliminate doubts about one’s qualification and filter out all fake credentials, ridding the system of cheaters. 

The Blockademia team is committed to having the front-end web development ready by the time Fund 6 is finished. Currently, the initial version of the whitepaper is out and available for interested parties to read. Additionally, the team has covered the costs of marketing, promotion, tokenomics and whitepaper development. The commitment illustrated by the team should be something that the Project Catalyst community should note, as fewer proposals have made such major strides so far.

If you’d like to know more information or have questions/comments regarding the Blockdemia proposal, check out the link provided:

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