Cardano 2022: A Year In Review

As we reflect on the past year of Cardano, it’s clear that 2022 was a pivotal moment for the Ecosystem. This is due in large part to the contributions and dedication of the Cardano community — a diverse group of developers, entrepreneurs, and even artists who have consistently worked to build and improve upon the strong foundations of the platform. From the early days of Byron and Shelly to the recent release of Vasil, the community has played a crucial role in driving the growth and success of Cardano.

So at Adapulse, we want to reflect on 2022 and look forward to the age of Voltaire. Adapulse is honoured to be a member of this vibrant community, and we pride ourselves in bringing no cost to consumers digestible daily information on Cardano and its ecosystem. Being funded by Catalyst this year has propelled our team to produce more content than ever before. 

So here’s a wrap on 2022:

In 2022 a global community helped pave the way for more incredible innovation by bringing Cardano’s community members and business developers together at a variety of events throughout the year, from discussing audits and certification in Barcelona to exchanging ideas and sharing experiences in Panama.

The Cardano community had a significant presence at Consensus in Austin, Texas, where they shared the vision of creating equal opportunities for all through access to economic identity and financial services. IOG showcased the various components of Cardano, such as side chains, Plutus, and project Catalyst, at the event, introducing Lace, a new light wallet platform designed to make Web three more accessible to everyone.

Cardano at Consensus

In 2022, we saw the continued development and expansion of the Cardano network, with new features and capabilities added through various protocol upgrades. The year began with a drive towards the Vasil upgrade named after Vasil Dabov, the Bulgarian mathematician and one of Cardano’s most passionate and engaged ambassadors. One of the biggest improvements in the project’s history. Vasil improved the scalability and performance of Cardano. Giving the network as a whole a boost in capabilities.

Vasil Dabrov

But it wasn’t just the technical advancements that made 2022 such a memorable year for Cardano. The community also gathered to organize and participate in various events and initiatives, from hackathons and meetups to conferences and workshops. These gatherings provided opportunities for community members to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on projects, further strengthening the sense of unity and purpose that has always been at the heart of Cardano.

This past autumn saw two community-organized events, CNFT Con in Las Vegas and Rare Bloom in Denver, which brought together creators and builders from the Cardano ecosystem.

Closing out the year with IO’s Scott Fest in Edinburgh, where IOG launched the Decentralization Index as part of a drive to add greater transparency and inclusive accountability to the decentralized technology space as a whole.

IOG also took the opportunity to introduce midnight, a new data protection-focused Cardano side chain. And of course, we can’t forget to mention the card summit in Luanne. A fantastic celebration of everything accomplished in 2022, hosted in Switzerland by the Cardano Foundation.

The future growth of the blockchain industry will be built on the core principles of academic rigour and fundamental research. Therefore, in 2022, a blockchain research hub was founded at Stanford University to bring together researchers from various disciplines and pave the way for a more decentralized future.

Education was also prioritized this year, with courses being offered in Haskell, Plutus, Marlow, and Atala Prism to thousands of students. A notable highlight was the graduation of a group of students in functional programming at Alan Bour Mongolia in the summer. Cardano is a global platform, and there is a commitment to supporting education in emerging economies to enable the creation of local solutions for local challenges.

2022 was full of travel, innovation and events. So let’s take a look at some numbers.

In 2022, the academic community had eight Cardano-focused research papers accepted and presented at major global conferences, while IOG researchers presented 39 papers. Covering all aspects of decentralized technology.

  • 7,681 Plutus Pioneers
  • 2000 Atala Pioneers
  • 2,633 signups for the Haskell Bootcamp

To introduce the world to a powerful new way of launching smart contracts. Cardano developers have always been some of the most dedicated and active. 2022 was no different.

This translates to over 56 and a half thousand commits across 272 repos on GitHub. During the same period, we reached over 58,000 wallets registered to vote in Project Catalyst.

Wallets voting and votes cast powered by Cardano Blockchain Insights

Catalyst has allocated over 38 million in funds to bootstrap and support projects building all over the. Over 1100 projects have been funded from 91 different countries. Making catalysts a truly global decentralized innovation fund.

Projects funded powered by Cardano Blockchain Insights

Project Catalyst has fully funded 47 pilot projects throughout the African continent and iceaddis identified and incubated nine entrepreneurs working in the African marketplace in 2022.

Entrepreneurs and developers from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and more worked on creating solutions for everything from remittances and micro-loans to education and healthcare.

The network processed over 50 million transactions between over three and a half million wallets.

Over 3000 state pools are operating on six continents, and over 71% of ADA in circulation is staked.

While the network grows, so does the community of developers.

Currently, there are 11,000 developers on IOG’s Technical Discord server.

3.67k Reddit active users in the middle of the bear market show how the community sticks around even in hard times.

More than 4,700 smart contracts have been deployed 1100 projects.

Plutus scripts over the year powered by Cardano Blockchain Insights

Seven million native tokens launched!

Native Tokens launched over the year powered by Cardano Blockchain Insights

Despite the challenges faced in 2022, it was a landmark year for Cardano and the broader blockchain industry. The community remained dedicated to building and improving upon the platform, and as the year drew to a close, the age of Voltaire was celebrated at Scott Fest in Edinburgh. In the coming year, a new governance system and members-based organization will be implemented to provide enhanced frameworks for Cardano’s technical stewardship and ongoing development, as blockchain technology’s future depends on effective governance.

IOG has authored the Essential Cardano Guide to the Ecosystem featuring some of the project’s building on Cardano.

Check it out here:

And here at At Adapulse, we have published 182 Articles this year ranging from Cardano protocol deep dives to Catalyst fund reviews.

Talking of Catalyst, we got funded in Fund 9 which has allowed us to pay our content creators and bring more creators onto the project.

We launched our Youtube channel with Josh from ATM Stake Pool doing a fantastic job turning our articles into digestible videos.

At Adapulse we are community-driven and community funded. We look forward to producing even better content and resources in the coming year.

So farewell to 2022, and here’s to an exciting 2023. 

Happy New Year to us all.


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