Minswap Proposes a TypeScript SDK

Minswap is a pioneer DEX on Cardano that has grown to become a leader within the network. This proposal looks into ways through which other applications can easily integrate Minswap for swapping tokens. The Minswap Typescript Software Development Kit (SDK) solves this problem by getting integrated on the frontend, embedding a custom swap interface. Developers can choose to go beyond this integration and even construct an Alonzo swap transaction.

This project aims at providing reprieve to the developer ecosystem because robust DEXs depend on the ability of projects to integrate easily and seamlessly. One of blockchain applications’ most powerful tool is the composability of dApps and DeFi in particular. Having an SDK that gives room for the permissionless integration of a DEX with other divergent dApps serves as a stepping stone to opening new avenues for developers in the ecosystem.

The Minswap Team

Other than being pioneers on the Cardano DEX ecosystem, the team has immense experience working with world-renowned organizations in both the centralized and decentralized spheres. They have worked in companies such as, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Vingroup, Sea Group. They have further contributed to big open source projects like Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Prometheus.

In addition to all that, Minswap has fortified its name on the Cardano ecosystem as a leader in integrating Alonzo smart contracts in the frontend. The project already has a fully integrated testnet ready for release. They are part of the Plutus Pioneer Program, Alonzo White, and Alonzo Purple.

Their extensive knowledge about DeFi and blockchain is demonstrated further by the Innovation Award the team received at NEO Hackathon Tokyo. 

They have a proven track record for delivering on their proposals, since after winning the Catalyst Fund5 for proposal Minswap- Multi-pool DEX, they have shown much progress in delivering on their initial plans.

Budget Broken Down

Minswap’s requested funds in USD add up to $39,600 and the breakdown is as shown below:

$13,200 will go towards paying one part-time senior TypeScript engineer who will work for 3 months.

$26,400 will go towards paying one full-time senior blockchain engineer who will work for 3 months.

Note: The hourly rate is $50.

If everything proceeds without any hiccups, the expected launch date is December 20th.

Strengthening Both the Developer and Cardano Ecosystems

The DeFi space needs a robust developer ecosystem to ensure no hiccups come in the way of growth. This TypeScript SDK leans towards fostering growth through its three main components:

  • DEX Library – Focused on the business logic of the project’s constant product AMM like finding the best trading route or calculating the number of tokens in DEX operations.
  • Plutus Application Frontend (PAF) – Concerned with working like the Plutus Application Backend, but completely decentralized and on the frontend.
  • React Component – It allows easy integration of Minswap’s DEX swap interface into any wallet or dApp with minimal cost and time.

Minswap is giving crypto enthusiasts newer and improved avenues for jumping into liquidity using a multi-pool decentralized exchange on Cardano. By doing this, users get to swap different tokens with minimal cost and time, while enjoying maximal convenience. This proposal, if approved, will take this efficiency a notch higher since developers will have a refurbished SDK to work with. They can easily interact with Minswap and come up with revamped dApps that improve user experience.

To learn more about Minswap and get updates on the progress of this proposal visit their website: https://minswap.org/Also, to review the team’s fully integrated DEX demos, you can visit their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MinswapDEX

If you’d like to know more information or have questions/comments regarding Minswap’s proposal, check out the link provided: https://cardano.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Minswap-TypeScript-SDK/369509-48088

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