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Where are NFTs Headed? Part II

NFTs are everywhere and, very soon, will become a normal part of our daily lives. They are quickly being integrated into every facet of existence. Why? Convenience and portability combined with blockchain security are a winning combination in today’s transient, global world. Physical stuff is a pain to pack and transport. But NFTs link to your physical stuff and don’t require extra luggage charges. There is so much going on that what was originally one article is becoming a series. In this section we will look at NFTs in books, video and sports. If you missed part one you can find it here.

Books and Other Merchandise

Yes, people still read both books and graphic novels. Let’s start here with an innovative Cardano project: nftlink. In a recent collaboration with ADA Ninjaz, they are offering a Manga Comic that is printed on chip integrated NFT Link paper. This means that you can scan the page and be taken to the NFT, verify the collectible and read the online version of the comic. This will allow you to keep the original in pristine condition. I’m putting this in the books category because of the project I just referenced. However, to be honest they are more than happy to do this with any item, including clothing. Also they are shipping directly to cNFTcon. If you are looking for some swag to hand out at that event they will make everything from t-shirts to hoodies to books. Check out their website and you will be amazed.

Also in Cardano, we have BookToken. This is a product that intends to revolutionize the book and audiobook space. In their world your digital books will have resale value. Instead of paying an entity like Amazon to read books that you don’t own, you will have the option to resell your books and earn credit. They are also offering a higher revenue percentage to authors.

In regard to non-Cardano trends, Adidas was one of the first apparel companies to signal their interest in the metaverse. They just announced that holders of their phase one NFT can redeem it for merchandise. They are obligated to pay gas fees, as this lives on Ethereum. (Imagine, if this was Cardano, their customers wouldn’t have to incur those nasty fees.) You can learn more about the offer here.


NFTs are just beginning their relationship with video and movies. GenZeroes is a sci-fi epic that bills itself as the first NFT integrated live action series on Ethereum. NFT holders get access to episodes, comics and merchandise. According to their Roadmap the first episode launches in mid-May 2022.

Stoner Cats is a series about cats that get high and have adventures. The original drop of 10,420 NFTs sold out in minutes. Of course, the involvement of Mila Kunis, Chris Rock and other celebrities didn’t hurt their cause. The video episodes are only available if you are holding the NFT. The revolutionary part of this is in the direct relationship between creator and viewer. Modern technology and NFTs allow creatives to reach the public more quickly and with greater control and less cost. Stoner Cats are currently available on the secondary market. At the time of writing, they have an Open Sea floor of 0.15 Eth ($494 USD)

Manufacturers are definitely noticing the demand. Samsung has announced that its newest TVs will offer an NFT aggregation platform. This will allow you to browse and buy NFTs from several marketplaces. It will also showcase your existing collection. Samsung states that its “smart calibration” technology will automatically adjust to display each NFT as the creator intended. 

Cardano has its first NFT feature film Toxica, which is a full length feature film that is minting now. It is the story of Augusta, a part time private investigator. She’s not on the way up – but she might have the skills to make it out alive. This is an indie production filmed globally in both the UK and Indonesia. There is also a companion series of NFTs, titled Augusta S1.


I’m not really sure where to put Fuzzles, so they get their own category. I suppose apps would be the most appropriate. Gala Games and Endless AI win points for cuteness here. This starts with a fuzzy NFT. The NFT lives in an app and, courtesy of AI, can interact with you in a positive way – to start. I gather that it will adapt through interaction with its owner, although it is programmed not to be hateful or hurtful in any way. In fact, the Fuzzle is being billed as virtual animal therapy. The happy little creature will listen to you with no clean up or vet bills required. You can learn more about them in this article. Here is the Gala Games trailer:


NFT Go is an app on the Apple Store that allows you to make, buy and sell NFTs directly from your phone. The app supports Ethereum and Polygon at the moment. It will link to those wallets or set up a new one for you. It takes care of all of the crypto back end, which is the impressive part. The end user doesn’t have to deal with any of the complicated stuff. Just create and go.


NFTs go with sports like peanut butter and jelly. Every sport has certain elements: collectibles, videos of the best moments that fans want to replay, a culture of wagering and gaming, ticketing and charity fundraising. It is important to brands to reduce counterfeiting and fans want to know they are getting authentic merchandise. The blockchain and NFTs are easily available and highly secure. As a result this market is exploding with volume and innovation.

The most obvious case for the sports world is collectibles. Sports playing cards have been popular since the days of Babe Ruth when they were given away in cigarette packs. In a digital age we need digital cards. Sorare is a platform for soccer fans that allows you to buy collectible cards and then use them to build a team for gaming. Kind of like digital fantasy football for soccer. They have partnerships with a number of famous soccer clubs, so those players can be found on the cards. 

NBA Top Shot is offering highlights from games as NFTs. The NFTs are ranked in order of scarcity from common to legendary. The platform accepts BTC, ETH, BCH and USDC. The UFC has also launched an NFT platform called UFC Strike that is offering NFTs of fighters and highlights of fights.

Sports tickets are always collectible. From a league perspective this will help cut down on counterfeit tickets. Additionally, they will be able to connect with fans in a new way by airdropping rewards or promotions directly to ticket holders wallets. From a fan perspective, the ticket becomes a collectible with value of its own. 

Sports apparel counterfeits have long been a concern for both leagues and fans. Atletico Mineiro in Brazil is now offering jerseys with blockchain equipped NFC tags. Fans receive both the physical jersey and a digital copy that is sent directly to their smartphone. Additionally, they will receive highlight videos airdropped to their wallets. 


NFTs are an amazing space. Because the field is so wide open, it’s impossible to know where all of this is going. However, it is clear we are only just beginning this journey. In a year or two these early prototypes may hardly be recognizable. Whatever the final form, it will be an interesting journey. My journey with this series is not over yet as we haven’t even touched NFTs in gaming and music. We will look at those and perhaps a few surprises in part three of the series next week. 

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