The Heartbeat of Cardano.

AdaPulse, a Platform Growing at the Pace of the Cardano Community

Education and content dissemination is essential for the growth of a community. With that idea, was born in March 2021, AdaPulse, The Heartbeat of Cardano.

We see how the Cardano community grows day after day. You can see that there are currently more than 3.1 million new wallets with an increase of +4 times the amount in the last 12 months, (in April 2021 there were 700 thousand). Today a total of 35 million transactions, a growth of 6 times in the last year, (in April 2021 there were 5.7 million). There is also considerable growth in the number of users and in social media activity, Cardano Community Growth.

AdaPulse was founded by two Stakepool Operators, who have been part of the Cardano community since 2017, Jeff from SWAG stakepool and Genzod from ZOD stakepool. 

They started the idea for the platform by reaching out to independent members of the community who shared the philosophy of generating content to educate, reporting primarily on Catalyst proposals, but also on current events and projects in the Cardano ecosystem. 

AdaPulse publishes user-friendly content, translating complex technical topics for people with no programming knowledge.

AdaPulse seeks to be a project built for the community and supported by the community.

For that, it is necessary to grow the team, with technical writers, designers and content creators, passionate members of the Cardano community, who are in constant research and preparation of material, dedicated to disseminating and educating both the Catalyst proposals, community projects, such as news related to the ecosystem.

Dear reader, I must tell you that this article has a special flavor for me, since I have been a member of the team since July 2021, and I am proud to be part of a professional group with human warmth. In particular, I can say that Jeff is a worthy member of the community, with the Cardano philosophy, a responsible, respectful and dedicated person, who those who know him personally, or through interviews or through his activity on Twitter, will surely share my appreciation towards him.

Our team of eight members has published more than 165 articles in just 9 months, during the year 2021, and more than 40 articles in these 3 months of the year 2022, covering a variety of Cardano related topics. 

The site publishes the material in English, and has translations into German, French, Dutch, Japanese and Spanish.

The expansion of our community will be possible with independent media covering propositions and topics in the Cardano environment, as providing analysis and coverage on these topics, outside of the companies that created Cardano, such as IOG, the Cardano Foundation and Emurgo, demonstrates that the community does not depend solely on the founders for the evolution of our ecosystem.

The articles published in AdaPulse help developer teams to publicize their projects, since in general, their work is not completely focused on disseminating their proposals, or they simply do not have the capital to do so.

We have published articles that publicized community projects and proposals, and thus gained social traction, such as the West African Decentralized Alliance, PlayerMint, NFTMaker, Empowa, Dandelion API and many more.

On the other hand, the information that readers receive is of real value to be able to be updated with the progress of the ecosystem, and even more, to be able to make decisions in the Catalyst vote, reading a selection of published projects from those presented in each Fund.

Two months ago we launched AdaPulse News, a YouTube channel, in which content is developed in audiovisual format, for a certain segment of the audience that prefers it, expanding the information platform. The channel currently has almost 200 subscribers and almost 20 videos.

AdaPulse Wants to Grow with the Community 

AdaPulse needs to grow to accompany the evolution of the community, and that is the purpose of the proposal that we are presenting in this FUND 8.

Our growth projection in the first stage is to publish 300 articles per year, almost doubling the number of articles produced in 2021. 

The metrics of the last few months identify, on average, that Adapulse receives approximately 20,000 unique readers monthly. This achievement was achieved with very little, or rather no publicity, and with the simple dissemination of the material on the social networks Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. 

We are projecting to see a healthy increase of at least 1,000 new readers and subscribers per month. The maximum expectation is to double our unique readers, reaching 40,000 in the next 12 months, after starting our campaign to spread AdaPulse in the wider Cardano community. 

The main challenge is the lack of funding. For a media outlet to remain balanced and sustainable, it requires the right financial incentives for its team. Building a structure of competent technical writers for the study, research and subsequent production of material, with quality content, is not an easy task to sustain over time.

In a monthly newsletter, Adapulse will publish metrics on unique readers and number of articles published to date. This will provide transparency and insight into the current status of our initiative to grow and expand the platform’s reach.

Although Success is achieved with the metrics described, it is also achieved with the quality of content and with material of interest, easy and friendly reading, which is even shared with members of various communities of other blockchains, thus achieving adoption in Cardano .

The Budget

The financing is conditioned by contingencies, but considering the main costs, a total of USD 85,000 can be budgeted. 

The budget is made up of the cost of operation, in which the hour of work is quoted at USD 30, and each item can average 5 hours of work, resulting in USD 150 each. Projecting 300 articles over the course of a year, they total USD 45,000.

To this value must be added USD 20,000 to contract the management of social networks, and another USD 20,000 for campaigns, events and merchandise.

The Team 

Currently the AdaPulse team is made up of the following members:

Jeff: SWAG Stakepool. Co-founder. Technical Writer and Editor. Website 

Genzod: ZOD Stakepool. Co-founder. Web developer. Website 

Josh: ATM Stakepool. Video content creator. Website 

LiberLion: Technical writer. Content creator. Website 

Alex Hamilton: Technical writer. Content creator

Dickson Mwendia: Technical writer. Content creator. Github    

Edwin Kinoti: Technical writer. Content creator

Amanda: Designer. Visual Artist

You can read the original proposal at IdeaScale: Funding the Growth of Adapulse.


YouTube channel: AdaPulse 

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