Fund 4 Results are Here!

Over 50+ projects were funded in Fund4!

Here’s a list of some of projects receiving funding from Project Catalyst by category. We’ve also provided a link to the Project Catalyst document which has more information on the vote and proposal details: vote tally, amount of funding, proposal link, etc.

Congratulations to all!

Dapp & Integration:

Haskell Devs for Liqwid Plutus SC’s

Cardano On-Chain Voting

Littercoin – Mass Adoption

PlayerMint: Token System for Gamers

Cardax – DEX on Cardano

Real Estate Investment Platform

Cardano-based Marketplace

Developer Ecosystem:

Haskell DeFi SDK for Plutus Devs

Yoroi Blockfrost bridge

PoolTool-Testnet Support

JavaScript SDK for Blockfrost API

Nodeless command line interface

Haskell SDK for Blockfrost API

“ADA” Visual Scripting VSCode Ext.

Python SDK for Blockfrost API Platform Upgrade

West Africa: Dev Tools & Events Media-rich NFTs on Cardano

Java SDK for Blockfrost API

Swift SDK for Blockfrost API

Kotlin SDK for Blockfrost API

.NET SDK for Blockfrost API

Golang SDK for Blockfrost API

Ruby SOK for Blockfrost API

Scala SOK for Blockfrost API

Elixir SOK for  Blockfrost API

HW wallet passphrase recovery tool

Local Community Outreach:

Local Centers in West Africa

Cardano Adoption in D.R. of Congo

Cardano Spanish Training Programs

Cardano China Info Hub

Education/Developer Center – Sweden

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