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Gamechanger Finance is a one-of-a-kind wallet for the Cardano ecosystem developed by Adriano Fiorenza, a developer from Argentina. Fun fact: when I started my journey in the Cardano ecosystem my plan was to develop a wallet for third generation blockchains, but when I found Gamechanger I said to myself “Why would I develop a new wallet from scratch if Gamechanger is already doing a lot of cool stuff?”

I know what you are thinking, “another wallet for Cardano?” but Gamechanger is not just another wallet. It has a lot of features that you can’t find in any other wallet. Even eternl wallet with all its features doesn’t provide the functionalities that Gamechanger does. However, this proposal is not about the wallet itself but how it can be implemented as an educational tool for developers.


Gamechanger is a pioneering wallet with a groundbreaking blockchain communication interface, featuring a meticulously developed dApp connector. This wallet simplifies transaction creation through JSON data format, enabling seamless interaction with the Cardano blockchain for both basic and advanced users without requiring them to manage personal backends.

The proposal aims to develop a project-based learning experience that emphasizes hands-on engagement to equip participants with practical skills for real-world contributions. This initiative will collaborate with two educational platforms: Andamio and Work Courses. Each platform offers unique, powerful educational approaches, and the content will be designed to adapt to both platforms for maximum audience engagement.

The Gamechanger team’s expertise in developing Gamechanger and the dApp connector will be instrumental in shaping this learning experience.

Andamio has evolved through four iterations of Gimbalabs Plutus PBL since 2021, providing valuable insights into skill development for real-world contributions. The current version leverages the Cardano blockchain for non-custodial record-keeping, facilitating collaboration among organizations and contributors.

Work Courses revolutionizes education with its Cardano-powered Learn-to-Earn LMS platform. It features an intuitive interface combining Web2 familiarity with Web3 technology, making it accessible to both experienced users and newcomers. The platform offers over 100 courses, both paid and free, and has attracted attention from major organizations like the Cardano Foundation.

This proposal aims to create a dynamic learning environment where participants acquire practical skills and make meaningful contributions to real-world projects, supported by robust infrastructure and the expertise of the Gamechanger team.

Allowing for wider adoption of the Gamechanger dApp connection will have a positive impact on the Cardano ecosystem by making complex transactions accessible to a larger pool of developers. This proposal also aims to enhance Cardano’s leading EdTech platforms, Andamio and Work Courses, broadening their reach and effectiveness.

The proposal will add value to Cardano by familiarizing more developers with the Gamechanger domain-specific language, GCScript. This increased familiarity will also benefit the LMS platforms by generating additional transactions, thus contributing to the Cardano treasury.

The impact of this initiative can be measured through course enrollment and participation rates, as well as increased developer activity using the Gamechanger Wallet.

Outputs and opportunities resulting from this proposal will be shared through various channels, including milestone reporting, proof of achievement, participant word-of-mouth, and organic social media marketing.


Maarten Menheere, a design engineer with a master’s degree in industrial design from the Technical University in Delft, brings extensive experience to the project. As the founder and owner of M2tec design and engineering for ten years, he has 15 years of expertise in project management and engineering payment systems. M2tec was one of the first to deliver in Fund 5, completing all project goals within the set delivery schedule, and subsequently developed Totem v1 in Fund 7. Menheere has also participated in the Gimbalabs PBL course, delivering educational content and lessons during Gimbalabs live open spaces.

Adriano Fiorenza, an entrepreneur and senior full stack developer with over 15 years of experience in software and IoT development, is the founder and developer of GameChanger Wallet. He participated in the first generation of the Plutus Pioneer Program and is a team member at ALDEA and a Gimbalabs collaborator.

Deryck Lance (Quazar), an entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in the insurance and risk industry, is the founder of Quasar Risk Advisors and Gig Guard. His blockchain journey began in 2017 with Etherisc, a parametric-based smart contract risk protocol. Lance is highly engaged in the community, familiar with both Andamio and Work Courses, and has successfully led and contributed to closed proposals in Catalyst’s Fund 8 and Fund 9.

The feasibility of this proposal is supported by the team’s extensive experience and successful track record. The approach has already been validated by existing participation and content on both Andamio and Work Courses platforms. The content and curriculum developed will be published on these platforms to further confirm feasibility.

Value for Money

The project has identified six different milestones to be completed, each of them spanning one month.

The first milestone, the general planning stage involves formulating the course outline and configuring the Andamio instance with role-based access. The personnel cost for writing the specification is 3,500 ADA. In the second, third, fourth and fifth milestones will be focused on developing the modules with lessons and assignments. The personnel cost for building the modules 1 is 15,000 ADA each. The evidence of completion will be the module’s availability on the Work Courses platforms. Additionally, a final report will be prepared and shared, confirming the project’s deliverables and outcomes.

Technology costs include Andamio platform hosting at 26,000 ADA and Work Courses-related expenses at 1,500 ADA. Marketing costs cover the design of promotional content at 2,000 ADA, community workshops/webinars at 2,000 ADA, and media and PR engagement at 3,500 ADA. Miscellaneous costs are reserved for unforeseen expenses or overruns at 1,500 ADA. Making the total budget for the project for a total of 100,000 ADA.

Q&A with Maarten

Q1: Why did you choose to use Gamechanger Finance for this particular project? How does Gamechanger differentiate from the rest of the wallets in the ecosystem?

A1: Gamechanger has a unique dApp connector. I am focussed on payments. This makes it easy to use QR codes or NFC to communicate transaction information. Gamechanger has a lot of tools to build a DAO. And displays NFT’s and tokens in a nice way.

Q2: What makes the dApp connector from Gamechanger ideal for an educational project?

A2: The dApp connector uses the very common JSON data interchange format. This describes the transaction in a very readable way. Easy for starting or casual blockchain users to learn. And easy to use with javascript. Gamechanger adds some convenience functions to make eUTXO descriptions as generic as possible. Maximizing reusability.

Q3: How does Andamio and Work Courses fit into the proposal? Why choose them over other educational platforms?

A3: is also popular on other blockchain platforms. Possibly attracting developers to the Cardano ecosystem. And Andamio is a home grown Cardano ecosystem solution. Originating from Gimbalabs. Where I often join the live open spaces on Wednesday and Thursday. Always a good time and a welcoming place for learners of all levels. They both utilize blockchain concepts for their operation. If successful here it is possible to branch out to regular education platforms. The dApp connector approach is well suited for people entering the blockchain space with a low barrier to entry.

Q4: What do you hope to accomplish with this educational proposal? What’s the best case scenario for you?

A4: I would like to stimulate broader use of the gamechanger wallet. Making it better known. Building dApps with it is super easy. Boosting the Cardano ecosystem. I hope to onboard as many people as possible.

Q5: What do you hope the participants of these courses will take away from it? 

A5: I hope even casual users will become more comfortable in building transactions. Because Cardano allows you to do many things at the same time in one transaction. Revealing it’s true power. Gamechanger makes this possible.

Support this proposal when Project Catalyst Fund 12 voting starts on June 27th.

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