GameChanger Wants to Support Smart Contracts

GameChanger is a wallet with current functionality on mainnet, progressive web application (PWA), light client and non-custodial, ready to use on any device without the need to install it, solution to the scarcity of resources of hardware for users in emerging countries.

The testnet version is also available, which makes it very easy for developers and students to do tests. 

The wallet has a gamified UX (user experience), which allows it to carry out from a simple transaction or a multiple exit one, with the same intuitive interface. The idea is to make it easier to use for the general public, even with the most advanced functions of the ecosystem.

With no need for manual settings for fees and minimum ADA values, the wallet calculates all of this. Sending a single token has never been easier, you only choose the asset you want to send and the wallet adjusts the rest.

Native NFTs and tokens support visual rendering. Token avatars help you identify the same minting policies to quickly discover fake tokens and visually respect NFT collection similarities. 

Presents a review stage for any transaction submission request, allowing the user to verify their actions prior to submission.

With the functionality of the integrated NFT Creator, drag and drop any type of file (not just images) to create a single NFT or even a professional collection in an automated way, being able to perform airdrops of NFTs with the same user interface.

It has a URL-based DApp connector, which allows social media, blogging sites, landing pages, and even emails and electronic messaging to carry payment links, donation buttons, metadata, tokens, and payment links. minting of NFT on Cardano Blockchain. 

For the development function, GameChanger owns Script editor, a JSON-based DApp connector schema, which has already been successfully coded by non-professionals. Users can start coding these scripts by editing all the demos that are already built into the editor. Deploy payments, NFT airdrops, and complex transactions in a couple of minutes, with out-of-the-box auto-generated dynamic HTML DApp integration, or a static URL to copy and paste.

The wallet presents a visual exposition of the eUTxO model, ideal for developers and students to audit and learn how Cardano works. 

The code is based on Emurgo’s cardano-serialization-lib, the core of Yoroi Wallet.

The API backend is community-driven open source and is based on the Dandelion APIs. It uses the cardano-graphql from IOHK. 

The Next Upgrade, Smart Contracts

The proposal for this FUND is to incorporate the functionality for smart contracts, with the aim of providing the integrations for DApps as easy as possible, to help developers.

With the current lack of PAB implementation in the browser, the smart contract ecosystem has to find ways to provide early support. Not ideal, but necessary as first steps towards RealFi / DeFi evolution in Cardano.

GameChanger Wallet also has special needs regarding this implementation as the DApp connector works very differently compared to the current trend of connectors specified by the CIP-0030. Generally speaking, the goal is to be a full-featured JSON-based transaction creation API, with webpage-to-webpage URL redirects as the communication channel, because the wallet is a web application and has a very different context. to which it would have a browser extension. 

This opens up the possibilities for a wide variety of use cases, with low barriers to entry for students and DApps builders, hardware that integrates the wallet, and much more.

This requires proper research to find ways to adapt the current wallet functions and workflows with Plutus scripts and eUTXO support, with proper exposure to this JSON API called GCScripts. 

The developers will start with a research phase that will end in a short proof of concept, to explore ways to address this challenge with codebase, and if the PAB is available during this phase, they will advance on the design. Otherwise it will take full advantage of Emurgo’s customizable user parameters and cardano-serialization-lib, the library behind the Yoroi wallet, which this app is currently using. 

The developers introduce the use cases and clients for the wallet:

  1. Students and developers: In order to use Playground, our built-in IDE for testing and building DApp connectors with smart contracts in Cardano, interacting with JSON and out-of-the-box demos you can change the rules of the game for the ecosystem.
  2. DeFi – From exchanges to Plutus’ advanced CNFT airdrops, the entire DeFi ecosystem will benefit from having smart contract support available, especially for rapid prototyping and launch.
  3. RealFi: Due to the team’s focus on developing countries, on lowering knowledge and infrastructure barriers, they want to pay special attention to RealFi use cases. Right now, the wallet enables quick and easy creation of URL requests for payments, native asset decentration and IDNFT, and many other features that can add value to real-life businesses. 

The Team

Adriano Fiorenza is an entrepreneur and senior Full Stack developer with more than 10 years of experience in IOT software and development. He is the founder and lead developer of GameChanger Wallet and Project Catapult, participated in the first-generation Plutus Pioneer program, and currently contributes as a core team member at Gimbalabs.

Javier Ribó, Technical Manager, who works in the flight industry and in recent years has successfully built and scaled different projects. He also worked for more than 7 years in the Hosting & Cloud industry. He is currently attending the “Emurgo Developer course” Lot 52 and contributing to GameChanger Wallet as Senior Developer.

Roberto C. Morano is a systems integrator and DevOps advocate, with more than 15 years of experience. Former DevOps Leader at Emurgo. Co-founder of Gimbalabs. Founder and Operator of Dandelion. GameChanger Wallet Advisor.


  • 1st month: Research phase and basic PoC development
  • 2nd month: refactor our current internal API to handle eUTXO and Plutus Smart Contracts (SCs)
  • 3rd month: UI upgrades, first on TransactionViewer and then on Playground and DApp connector assistant. Testing phase.

Key Performance Indicators

In 3 months: Achieve more pioneer users and DApps who want to integrate with GameChanger.

In 6 months: achieve greater number of wallet users with smart contracts in DApp, greater number of transactions in smart contracts executed in the wallet and greater number of identifiable DApp smart contracts that integrate GameChanger.


A Full-Stack Senior Engineer: USD 3,000 per month, for 3 months.

Total: USD 9,000 for a period of 3 months.


You can see this proposal in Ideascale.

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