KubeCoin Setting Its Sights on Revolutionizing Travel

Covid is over and we’ve got to go! Well, perhaps Covid is still with us but there is no denying that there is a yearning for freedom, particularly among young people. After two plus years of doom, destruction and travel restrictions, the global tourism industry is ready to boom again. In addition, there is a yearning for experiences over merchandise – a desire for time well spent as opposed to the next cool pair of shoes. KubeCoin, having survived covid lockdowns and other pandemic related drama, is ready, willing and able to facilitate our adventures into the unknown. They are building an entire ecosystem around travel, leisure and tourism. They actually have a program that allows you to send a surprise trip as a gift. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Details of that program can be found on their FlyKube webpage here.

Some testimonials from customers:

As FlyKube was created first, it is the most robust of their offerings. The traveler chooses the dates of the trip and the departure airport. The FlyKube team takes care of the other details. 48 hours from your departure date, you receive notice of your specific destination. No more worries about planning. The only responsibility you have is showing up at the airport on time with your documentation in order.

Of course, FlyKube is one part of a larger travel ecosystem. The team’s vision has expanded, along with the technology. This led to the implementation of KubeCoin in 2021 and its goal to be the primary currency in a much larger ecosystem. In scope and functionality, the outlook for this brand has traveled light years from its original premise as a simple marketing tool. KubeCoin is the engine of a seven part ecosystem:

  • FlyKube- Started in 2017, this branch of the organization operates in Europe and offers surprise trips. 
  • EatKube – The idea here is to offer surprising and original food experiences that transform the food experience into a social gathering with family and friends.
  • KubePay – Their own wallet that allows staking as well as access to their market and NFT platform (coming soon). The genesis version will be released with the ICO on June 10, 2022
  • KubeIn – An investing platform for crypto and start up projects
  • KubeCoin – their token
  • Also in the coming soon column we have: their NFT collection (which will offer holders special benefits and discounts),KubeSwap (and exchange) and the ever mysterious KubeBox which is yet to be defined. 

Developed in Barcelona, Spain the company has received funding from a variety of sources, including venture capitalists and ENISA, which is the Spanish public fund. The senior team members are doxed and are visible within the community. The team chose to build on Cardano because of its peer reviewed approach. Their desire to build a stable travel ecosystem led them to a cryptocurrency that was created for the long term. 

The idea behind KubeCoin is to create a cycle that fosters real world crypto adoption. Eventually they hope to create a product that allows interested parties to participate with very little knowledge of how Cryptocurrency works. Non crypto users will be incentivized by discounts, brand loyalty and ease of use that KubeCoin intends to build into its product line. 

Having met all of their targets in the last three years (and surviving pandemic travel restrictions) the KubeCoin team is now focused on expanding throughout the remainder of 2022 and into 2023. The first step on that path is to distribute 14% of their coins (67,200,000 tokens) in an initial coin offering in June. In order to participate you must enroll on their website (https://kubecoin.org/signup/) and provide acceptable KYC information. The initial purchase price will be 0.12 euro per token. There will be a vesting period of six months. The public launch of KubeCoin will be in the fourth quarter of 2022. This is when the token will be readily available on exchanges. The use of the ICO funds is outlined below as per their website:

Their roadmap looks like this:

Let’s circle back to the grand vision. What does all of this look like when it is complete? It becomes a self sustaining ecosystem:

  • You want to book a surprise trip.
  • Your integrated KubePay wallet links to the website and you effortlessly set the date and departure location for your trip.
  • The entire experience, from flight to lodging is paid in KubeCoin.
  • You earn travel rewards, also paid in KubeCoin, for using the system
  • You can earn additional rewards by promoting your trip on socials and by using participating merchants.
  • Imagine being able to set up an entire trip with just a few clicks. Your only worry is getting there on time and having the appropriate documentation to travel.

Fiat currency is slow and often inflexible. One of the most exciting aspects of cryptocurrency is its growing ability to keep pace with the modern world. KubeCoin intends to take our travel experiences to the next level as well. Their goal is to make traveling the globe an exciting adventure without all of the frustration and time involved in currency conversions and extra bookings. It’s like having your own virtual concierge, who is with you every step of the way. The idea is ambitious, however this team has the experience to make it happen. If they continue to meet their targets they may well revolutionize travel and cryptocurrency simultaneously.

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