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Novellia: A Gaming Platform Proposal

Novellia is a community-driven platform that simplifies blockchain integration for developers and users through streamlined user interfaces. The platform understands that blockchain games are difficult for gamers and developers to interact with, therefore, there is a need for an ecosystem that simplifies user experience.

The platform includes the Novellia Dashboard and Novellia DAO. The Dashboard includes a wallet for viewing games and NFTs in an appropriate manner, decentralized exchange for purchasing games and in-game assets, a community section to democratically vote for quality content and game related values.

The Novellia DAO is a decentralized video game platform that increases developer profit margins and accelerates access to blockchain features. It reduces censorship and centralized gatekeepers.

Novellia aims to open alternative revenue streams like resale markets where developers earn a percentage of every sale. This model will encourage the creation of quality NFTs that will be used, improved and traded in available market places for a long period. 

The Novellia platform is built to benefit platform users, video game companies, content creators and developers. Through Novellia, companies are incentivized to keep their commission percentages low so that resale markets can thrive. Gamers on the other hand can really own all they purchase with free will to rent, resell or hold for as long as they wish.  

The platform will also have benefits to Cardano as well as NFT’s by creating transaction fees that will fund the Cardano treasury as well as spreading awareness by expanding Cardano’s demographic to include gamers. 

The Team

The Novellia project has been proposed by Rektangular Studios, who have been members of Project Catalyst since Feb. 25, 2021. The Novellia project is their only proposal on the platform. Rektangular Studios are the developers of the Novellia platform. They identify as developers, stakepool operators and entrepreneurs. The team is made up of four individuals and you can find their pseudonyms here. The pair has worked to create the platform and a well detailed roadmap showing users and interested investors even steps they intend to take in order to get the project to the market.

The pair are very active on the Project Catalyst platform, providing a detailed proposal, and more documents that provide more insight into the Novellia platform. They have answered questions posed in the comments section, clearing any doubts and misunderstandings from other members of Project Catalyst.

Funds Requested

The project is requesting $60,000 which will be used to cover various features. These include; Sprites, illustrations, UI assets, models (meshes, rigging, textures, animations), effects, soundtracks. Some of the costs have been broken down with the required amounts. For instance, $6,000 for 3D artwork, $5000 for audio, $1000 for translations, $7500 for UI / UX design, $4000 for business technology stack. Technology infrastructure is estimated at $4500, research at $3000, taxes at $9000, legal fees at $3000, marketing at $5000, and 2D artwork at $12000.

 After the completion of the project, Novellia will have the following deliverables; 

  • Novellia Dashboard (wallet, marketplace, community)
  • Provided as a desktop app (Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • Provided as a webapp with possible feature limitations
  • Novellia DAO (voting, content whitelist)
  • Occulta Novellia (video game for testing)

Final Thoughts

Novellia is a noble proposal that seeks to democratize the gaming industry by placing the assets in the hands of gamers instead of the developers as is currently happening. Additionally, it seeks to create a simpler UI for gamers, expanding the user base and allowing newbies to enjoy gaming. The benefits to the Cardano platform and NFTs in general are also many. With the support of the platform and knowledge of the team behind this project, there is a huge potential for its success in the market once all is completed. 

If you’d like to know more information or have questions/comments regarding the Novellia proposal, check out the link provided:

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