Promoting Cardano: Developer Evangelists in Japan

Cardano is continuously gaining traction across all fronts – from increased user adoption and community growth to new projects building on the blockchain. However, one of the top industry concerns as the ecosystem grows is the availability of a sufficient pool of Cardano developers. For local communities across the world to enjoy the unlimited power and potential of Cardano, we must ensure developers get adequate training and support necessary to build real-life solutions on Cardano. 

In a project submitted on IdeaScale’s Fund 5 proposer outreach category, three Cardano enthusiasts who previously worked with Emurgo are looking to provide specialized support to local Japanese developers and entrepreneurs looking to get into the ecosystem.

The Team

The proposing team consists of three ex-EMURGO technical fellows who are active contributors in the Cardano community and larger crypto ecosystem, namely:

Nicolás Arqueros – Nicolas is a blockchain entrepreneur with experience in founding and advising many successful startups during his career. He previously served as the chief technology officer for Emurgo and a board member at the Cardano Foundation. Nico also worked as a senior investment advisor for SOSV, a startup accelerator and venture studio exploring new topics in decentralization and blockchain technology.

Robert Kornacki –  Robert started as a fellow in dLab (blockchain accelerator program) and subsequently joined the Ergo Foundation as a board member. He also served as the head of research at Emurgo, where he developed design patterns and smart contracts that handle millions in assets.Sebastien Guillemot – Sebastien worked as a software developer at Microsoft before joining Emurgo as an engineering lead and Cardano product manager. He contributed to Emurgo’s engineering strategy where his team developed products such as SDKs used by large crypt companies such as Coinbase. Sebastian is currently based in Japan and is well-acquainted with the local environment.

Supporting the Local Japanese Developer Ecosystem

Japan, the third-largest economy in the world, has positioned itself as one of the major blockchain hubs globally. The country’s progressive blockchain regulations and receptiveness towards decentralized technologies has played a vital role in the growing adoption. The Cardano community can capitalize on this opportunity by enhancing stronger collaboration to help local developers build concrete projects on Cardano. With greater outreach and collaborative efforts, more local companies and developers can leverage Cardano to create solutions. 

The proposing team is looking to ensure local developers are more involved and nurture them when creating their Catalyst proposals. Having worked with Emurgo on Cardano-based projects for the past years, the team is in an ideal position to support interested parties within the local Japanese developer ecosystem. To achieve this, the team has already built connections in the Japanese community and regularly participates in Cardano meetups. They also have a legal entity set up in Japan. 

As part of their outreach campaign, the team plans to: 

  • Actively educate the developer community at Cardano meetups, workshops, and other educational events.
  • Translate Plutus content for the local developer community.
  • Set up office hours for Japanese developers, entrepreneurs, and startups seeking assistance in navigating the Cardano ecosystem.
  • Plan outreach tours in different parts of Japan

The proposing team will mainly focus on expanding the Cardano developer network in Japan by working closely with budding developers and providing the necessary support, toolkits, and resources to enable them to build on Cardano. To achieve this, they are requesting a total funding worth 19,000 USD. Through all-inclusive participation in Cardano research and development, it becomes easier for developers to build tailor-made solutions that impact local businesses and communities positively.

A Guiding Approach for Adoption

Building and improving developer relationships is essential for the adoption of all technologies, including blockchain. More forward-thinking ecosystems like Cardano recognize this and have already set up platforms and initiatives to bridge the gap between engineering and the real world. We can increase Cardano adoption if we can get developers outside the Cardano space, find out what they are doing, and get them interested in our blockchain. The key is understanding the needs of local communities and developers, listening to their painpoints, and supporting them to build practical solutions on Cardano.

For more information about the Developer Evangelists Japan project, please check out their Fund 5 project proposal as submitted to Project Catalyst using the link below.

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