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Building ‘easy-to-use’ SDK and APIs for Cardano Inter-Planetary File System

The TangoCrypto team has put forth a proposal to build a software development kit and easy-to-use APIs that allows users to maintain and interact with various IPFS systems in a more convenient manner. These tools will be essential to various parties such as NFT collectors, artists and NFT marketplaces as it allows them to perform tasks such as adding or removing files from the IPFS with ease.

The Proposal in a Nutshell

To allow for fast and reliable access to the Cardano Network and IPFS, this team looks to provide developers with an efficient and relatively simple suite of tools to use when interacting with the platforms. These tools, which are inclusive of HTTP APIs will promote the growth of the Cardano Chain as developers will be attracted build on Cardano because of the convenience, among other factors.

A good example of the numerous use cases that this project aims to achieve, would be allowing users to mint NFTs directly from the IPFS. This will be a huge advantage for NFT artists and marketplaces as they benefit from the convenience of both the IPFS and ease of minting.

The project, once successful, will allow developers and other parties to concentrate on building their business models and actual projects without focusing much on the technical aspects as the SDK will enable them to develop their products in an efficient way.

The Team

This project is driven by a committed and already proven team on Cardano as they have previously worked on other successful projects such as Tangocrypto Software and cardano-wallet-js.

Javier Toledo Cordova – Product Manager/Solutions Architect. Javier brings to the table over 10 years of experience in technology, with strengths in software architecture and cloud computing. Having designed and managed several networks, his skills will go a long way in ensuring that the project runs smoothly.

Leobel Izquierdo – Senior Full Stack Developer. Leobel brings with him over 7 years of experience in software development, where most of that time was spent as a senior full stack developer. Apart from that he has a Master’s degree and has worked for various outfits such as Ripple, Ethereum and Cardano.

Manuel Morejon Espinosa – DevOps/Cloud Engineer. Manuel has over 10 years of experience in DevOps with strengths in Cloud-Native Architecture. His super power is helping various teams improve workflow and deploy products on time, a skill that will help promote this project.

Juan Manuel Menendez – Senior Front-End Developer. Juan has over 10 years of experience as a Front-End developer. He has proven experience in leading teams whose main aim is problem solving and innovation. He is conversant with a variety of languages, a skill which will assist the team in creating the SDK to cover for various programming languages.

Project Timeline and Funding

This project seeks to raise a total of 64,140 USD, which will be distributed as follows:

  • 1 Backend Developer: ($5,000 x 3 month: 15,000 USD)
  • 1 Frontend Developer: ($5,000 x3 month: 15,000 USD)
  • 1 Solutions Architect/DevOps ($5,000 x3 month: 15,000 USD)
  • Server infrastructure for the first year for IPFS Storage, Public IPFS Gateway and Dedicated gateway:
  • 6 servers in 3 different continents with 4vCPU/8GB RAM, 2TB HDD, 4000 IOPS, 400 MB throughput)
  • Amazon EC2 Reserved instances cost (monthly) – 423.984 USD
  • Data Transfer cost (monthly) – 92.16 USD
  • Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) total cost (monthly) – 1,079.05 USD
  • Total server monthly cost – 1,595.19 USD
  • Total server yearly cost – 19,140 USD

The team looks to complete the project in 3 months after receiving the funding. They plan to build the actual HTTP API and Software Development Kit within the first month, complete the dedicated gateways within the second month and work on the user interface during the third month.

Final Thoughts

This project will go a long way in promoting Cardano to developers and other key players who are interested in utilizing Cardano with IPFS. This in turn will greatly favor the network and increase users. Given that the team behind this project has already demonstrated its dedication and commitment towards the growth of Cardano, this project will likely be a success and lead to even further development.

Learn more about this distributed storage infrastructure solution from their proposal on Ideascale.

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