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Snapbrillia: The E-Learning Marketplace for Cardano Developers

Snapbrillia is an exciting initiative that aims to accelerate the world’s transition to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce. To promote growth of the Cardano ecosystem, the team behind Snapbrillia looks to equip developers with a decentralized e-learning platform that allows them to learn and collaborate with others on various projects. The e-learning platform will feature an on-chain resume that will be instrumental in allowing mentors to connect with mentees on the marketplace. Additionally, the marketplace will allow various teams to participate in development bounties and hackathons, therefore, allowing participants to learn and earn simultaneously.

This project aims to allow developers achieve financial freedom by connecting them to opportunities while at the same time fostering the growth and adoption of the Cardano blockchain among developers. To achieve this, the on-chain resume, which is a key component of the market place will be open-source to allow for decentralized networking among developers.

Notably, the project employs a No-Code-setup collaborative cloud IDE that supports Plutus, Haskell, Marlowe and more than 60 coding languages. This is aimed at attracting a diverse group of developers and to assist in onboarding new developers on Cardano.

The unique mentor-mentee model allows for an all-round growth of the Cardano developer ecosystem as both the mentors and mentees gain from collaborating and networking. For example, this model allows for an efficient feedback loop that is essential towards continuous growth and networking among the various participants.

The team behind the Mentor-Mentee E-learning Marketplace

  • Frank Albanese – Co-founder/Chief Scientist/ Y Combinator Alumni. Frank is a multi-talented fellow who brings with him in-depth experience and expertise in building and research for Web 3.0. Notably, he is a Solidity, Rust, and Haskell researcher, an aspect that is critical to the success of the project.
  • James Willingham – Co-founder/CIO/Tech Stars Alumni. James brings vast experience in UX/UI design and full stack development. Additionally, James has founded or been part of several successful startups demonstrating his strengths in building especially in the FinTech space.
  • Beatrice Thelisma – Co-founder Snapbrillia/ CTO/ TechFutures Group Alumni. Beatrice is a full stack web developer with strengths in both back-end and front-end development. She has demonstrated strengths in leading various engineering teams to achieve the success of various projects.
  • Ninh Tran – CEO and Co-founder Snabrillia/ AI SaaS builder/ Google Alumni. Ninh has demonstrated his passion and drive for building successful projects in the recruitment and hiring sector. In 2018, he was part of the founding team for Hiretual- an AI-powered outbound recruitment platform that has since grown to be a leading outfit in the space.
  • Nori Nishigaya – Nori is a Cardano Ambassador with over 30 years of experience in software development, agile methodologies, leadership and managing teams, and founding and running technology startups.

Project Funding

The team seeks to raise a total of USD 90,000 to facilitate for the development and launch of the mentor-mentee marketplace. The funds will be distributed as follows:

  • 4x Web2 Developers: $1,500.00/mo x4 months = $24,000.00
  • 3x Web3 Developers: $3,000.00/mo x4 months = $36,000.00
  • Cardano Gas-fees Budget: $25,000.00
  • Cloud Hosting: $5,000.00

The team is also open to partnering and collaborating with other teams/individuals in the space, who would want to contribute in one way or the other towards the development of the project.

Project timelines

The minds behind this initiative have come with a clear, concise and auditable roadmap to enable the smooth development and maturity of the project. This can be attributed to the key experiences and expertise of various team members who have interacted with a similar project before. They have come up with clear milestones which will be instrumental in gauging the growth along the way.

The development process, which began in Q1 2022 is set to mature in Q3 2022 with most of the work being handled during the second quarter of 2022. To gauge their progress the team intends to use metrics such as number of mentors and mentees, active developers on the platform, number of users with the on-chain resume and number of developers building on Cardano.

To learn more about this exciting initiative, check it out the full proposal on Ideascale

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