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Starch Industries Puts Fun First

The Beginning of a Starch-Based Adventure

There’s always more work to be done at Starch Industries, a fact well-understood by the young potato named Spudrick. Unlike his fellow potatoes who prefer to bask in the sun, Spudrick has an insatiable curiosity for the dark and mysterious tunnels that snake beneath the ground. These tunnels are said to lead to unimaginable treasures, and the bravest among the potatoes venture there in search of $STRCH tokens.

Spudrick’s fascination with the tunnels began when he stumbled upon the X account of Abstract Potato, founder and leader of Starch Industries. Abstract Potato urges everyone to acquire a Starch Miner NFT and pursue the wonders of the mines. Spudrick sees $STRCH as an opportunity to escape the tedious sameness of the Cardano native asset ecosystem. 

Armed with a tiny pickaxe and a lantern, Spudrick descends into the depths. He mines through the rocky walls, revealing the glowing tokens embedded in the stone. They emit a soft, sparkling light, casting shadows on the tunnel walls. Spudrick diligently collects the legendary $STRCH tokens – currency of the StarchChain.

Each token he mines brings a sense of accomplishment. Spudrick’s mind races thinking of all the fancy hats and grand potato mansions he can buy with his newfound riches. But more than that, he finds joy in the act of mining itself—the rhythmic chipping of his pickaxe, the anticipation of what lay hidden in the next rock.

Word is spreading among the Cardano Community about Spudrick’s newfound endeavor. Some scoff dismissively, calling him foolish for risking his life in pursuit of these digital tokens. But Spudrick doesn’t care. He feels alive when he’s mining, connected to something greater than himself.

You, Me, and Starch

Starch Industries has been generating a lot of buzz in the Cardano Community due to its free-spirited approach to token mining and NFTs. This project has distinguished itself among the crowd by skipping over a token allocation for the team and committing to public mints only.

In addition to token mining, Starch Industries has also created an exciting range of NFTs that are sure to captivate the imagination of passionate Cardano-heads. These NFTs are not just fun and cute to look at; they also have the potential to generate $STRCH for their holders. 

How does $STRCH mining work? I’m glad you asked! StarchChain was originally built on a Proof-of-Work algorithm. However, it recently transitioned to Proof-of-Attendance (PoA). This change was meant to democratize the mining process, making it fairer and more accessible to all. With PoA, anyone can become a miner by simply firing up their Starch Miner and thus proving their ‘attendance’ on the StarchChain.

$STRCH mining is a fun and colorful process

In addition to the shift to PoA, the StarchChain introduces a novel concept to the mining experience. Random HEX colors are used as nonce values for each block, adding some colorful dynamics to the process. This is a nice little touch that demonstrates Starch Industries’ efforts to make the experience fun and engaging for users.

What Makes $STRCH Special?

A limited amount of 43 trillion $STRCH tokens on The Starch Ledger are crying out to be mined, longing for the day that they’ll be rescued from the cold and damp existence of life underground. Halving events are implemented every 215,000 blocks to preserve the scarcity and stability of the $STRCH economy.

Are you ready to enter the mines and start digging for glory alongside Spudrick? Luckily, the Starch Miner V2 is available for minting on the Starch Industries’ website. The Starch Miner V2 is the latest and greatest version of the mining NFT, and it comes with new features that will enhance your mining experience. If you’re currently using a Starch Miner V1, don’t worry, you are eligible for a free upgrade. Starch Industries believes in putting fun first. That’s why they added a playful twist to their potato themed NFTs. You can personalize your faithful Starch Miner NFT with a wide selection of light-hearted options. 

You can customize your potato with a range of funny traits

The Starch Miner V2 minting process uses a descending price auction, also known as a Dutch auction, involving a high starting price which gradually decreases until a bid is made. This bid wins the auction. This is a novel take on traditional auctions, which typically begin with lower prices and result in bidding wars between buyers who aspire to emerge victorious. The current average selling price for Starch Miner NFTs is ₳470.

As of the present time, the StarchChain has a remarkable 215 active miners who are tirelessly working to produce blocks and collect the $STRCH reward for doing so. The circulating supply of $STRCH currently stands at 7.35 trillion, only a fraction of the total supply. The daily emission rate is approximately 14.7 billion and the mining rewards are set at 25 million $STRCH per block. The token currently has over 1,500 holders, showing genuine interest from the Cardano Community. The diluted market capitalization of $STRCH is valued at nearly ₳500k.

Your Adventure Awaits

The first step requires you to mint a Starch Miner V2 NFT directly from the Starch Industries website or buy one on a secondary market. Once acquired, your miner can be accessed by either inputting your Miner ID or connecting your wallet to the site. Press the “Start Mining” option to activate your miner. The Starch Miners conveniently work on every web browser enabled device, rewarding you for putting the time in regardless of what type of computer or mobile device you’re using to connect. 

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