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Adaglass: Bringing Unparalleled Transparency to the Cardano Ecosystem

With the unprecedented growth we witness in Cardano, at times it is hard for one to pick a tech project to invest in since not enough information is available online regarding their performance and growth. Adaglass came to solve this problem in the Cardano ecosystem through fostering transparency and trust. Through Adaglass’ proposal, it is clear that transparency is the key to building trust and trust is an essential foundation for any long-lasting relationship Cardano wants to have with their investors and stakeholders.

More on Adaglass

Adaglass is an ambitious, community-driven and unified solution that continuously observes, enriches, presents and shares data in relation to the Cardano ecosystem. Their approach to transparency ensures an intuitive and engaging user experience that enables Cardano stakeholders to gain end-to-end visibility, instant insights, and actionable intelligence.

As per Adaglass, Cardano lacks a platform where stakeholders can monitor and visualize the performance and growth of the ecosystem as well as an investigative tool to help them identify issues or opportunities. They solve this problem by bringing in divergent data, views, and analytics tools that help answer any Cardano questions users have. These coupled with their unique investigative tool, Deep Dives, users can speed up their ecosystem analysis and achieve faster decisions.

Adaglass is helping shed light on the operations of the entire Cardano ecosystem to regulators and to the public, which ensures the ecosystem conforms to public values and expectations. This increases public trust and as the saying goes, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

The goal is to bring to Cardano a platform that combines modern, enterprise-grade and open-source telemetry, search and machine-learning technologies to provide the community with unparalleled transparency of the ecosystem, helping everyone track, learn from, and report on key events, actors, assets, and performance indicators.

The Adaglass Team

Adaglass is composed of two engineers with a combined experience of more than twenty years in providing end-to-end IT and digital services across CX, Cloud, Cyber, Data for public and private sector organizations worldwide, working in companies operating across the UK, France and Switzerland.

Damien Despas is the team lead, boasting of 10+ years’ experience in the consulting and digital market as CTO of a leading UK service provider. His unique skill set bridges the gap between theory and pragmatic transformation for global organizations, delivering enterprise grade digital platforms and solutions across technology, customer experience, data and change disciplines.

Hugo Allamel is the company’s head of IT Operations, Engineering, and Cybersecurity, also boasting of more than 10 years working as an engineer in the French and Switzerland IT service industry. Over the years, Hugo has sharpened his experience in the delivery and operation of world-class infrastructure and has specialized in domains like Cloud, Network and Security. His experience and skills allow him to design, build and operate resilient, secure and highly-scalable global infrastructure that competes with industry leaders.

Breaking Down their Funding Request

This proposal is seeking pre-seed funding, covering for up to 5 months and the delivery of the first new feature and operational needs post their minimum viable product (MVP) effort. The requested funds in USD total to 62,475.


Project Setup = USD 1,000

Product Design = USD 2,425

Stake Pool Infrastructure Run (5 months) = USD 4,500

CSA Infrastructure Run (5 months) = USD 9,000

CSA + CSI Applications Build (New Metrics & Tool) = USD 12,500

CSA + CSI Applications Run (5 months) = USD 2,500

Content Production = USD 1,000

Site Build (Update) = USD 800

Site Run (5 months) = USD 1,250

FE Developer (5 months) = USD 13,750

BE Developer (5 months) = USD 13,750

Total = USD 62,475

Final Remarks

Adaglass’ proposal aims to improve trust in the Cardano blockchain – creating, through data, a community-driven, transparent, and sustainable foundation for developers, operators, investors, partners and users to visualize the performance, growth, and opportunities of the Cardano ecosystem. This is one of many steps through which Cardano as a brand can build good customer relationships, which in turn builds loyalty between both parties.

For an in-depth analysis of Adaglass’ proposal, check out this link: Adaglass Platform: Deep Dives.

Also, visit their socials to stay updated on their progress:

Website | Telegram | Medium

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