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Redefining Cardano’s UX: The Atrium Solution

User experience encompasses the entire experience of an individual as they use a specified product whether physically or digitally through a platform such as a social media page or a website. It refers to how easy or pleasing the product is to use. In this specific case, we will be reviewing the digital user experience people have while interacting with Cardano on different online platforms such as the website, dApps, wallets, marketplaces, among others. For the best user experience, one ought to look into aspects such as user behavior, actions, perceptions, and satisfaction. Atrium has thought of these four aspects and more as they focus on building a dashboard to display all your Cardano wallet and DeFi information in one clean, simple interface.

By putting an emphasis on user experience, Atrium wants to ensure that consumer needs are met while delivering results for Cardano. The project understands that user experience measures the quality of site interactions, which in turn measures the quantity of site success and conversions.

Atrium’s Aggregator Solution

Cardano’s user experience is not as simplified as many would hope with its many cluttered dApps, wallets and data feeds. Too much clutter leads to a negative user experience since users get overwhelmed by what is available to them and they may not come back. This can be detrimental to Cardano’s growth as it might lead to an increase in bounce rates and hamper conversions.

The solution to this is Atrium’s simple, elegant, data aggregator for all things Cardano. Users get to enjoy a refurbished dashboard that displays all their wallet and DeFi information in one clean, simple interface. By aggregating Cardano’s marketplace data, you get to enjoy a holistic view of your decentralized life.

Atrium’s solution is simple yet elegant and effective since they are thinking of Cardano as a physical storefront and if your store is cluttered and messy, it reflects on your business. Their dashboard shows how your NFT portfolio is doing, what has sold recently, where similar items are trading, and what the estimated value is. It shows your yield products performance, and where you can find other opportunities across the market. Your staking returns can be found in a simplified format, alongside a viewfinder to browser pools. It shows where to get the best deals on swaps and where the liquidity lies. Simply connect your wallet, and see all your activity in one clean, easy-to-navigate application.

The Team Spearheading Atrium

A project’s success is built upon a strong and efficient team. Atrium is made up of the right people who value working toward a common goal, making Cardano better for all its users.

The team is comprised of:

  • Peyton Winget – CEO/CMO, proposal submitter
  • Ben Darvill – Founder / Creative Director
  •  Kyle Wood – CTO

The three have a combined experience of 20+ years on the tech scene. Kyle boasts of 13 years spread out across Cyber Security, was a Bloom Team Member, and was in the Marlowe Pioneers program. Ben comes in with 12 years in design. IOG, Emurgo, and Cardano Foundation. He is part of the founding team at Mycelial Gallery and Rare Bloom, which adds to the team’s management skillset. Pey has been in the tech scene for 10+ years and is the Co-founder of Bloom Pool, Rare Bloom, and Mycelial Gallery. He also runs bigpey YouTube.

Atrium’s Request for Financial Backing

The project’s requested funds in USD: 375000

Time period: 6 months


Planning – $5k

Branding – $2k

UX + Wireframing – $20k

UI – $10k


Project Management – $31k

Smart contacts engineer – $15k

2 Backend devs – $100k

2 Frontend devs – $100k

Domain, site, and server – $2k


Creative, Videos, content, B2b collateral, 6 month support – $20k

Marketing and comms + Social media strategy for 6 month support – $20k

Legal – $25k

Total = $350,000

Final Thoughts

Atrium wants to redefine user experience on Cardano by aiming to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the Cardano brand. With an effective UX design, Cardano can define its users’ journeys, which is conducive to business success since a brand’s growth is dependent on customer satisfaction and experience. Atrium aims to act as an aggregator, trawling multiple Cardano marketplaces to find the best deals, and the most up-to-date information relevant to your wallet as an individual user. Doing this benefits end users by making things simpler, but it also helps to create more efficient markets as arbitrage opportunities are spotted quicker. Should you have any questions/comments or want to learn more on Peyton’s (bigpey) proposal, please visit this link: Atrium – The Center of Everything

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