The Cardano Foundation Partners with Save the Children to Explore ADA Crypto Charity in Rwanda

Save the Children, a Rwanda-based NGO, is the latest non-profit organization to openly support cryptocurrencies after announcing its partnership deal with The Cardano Foundation. Cardano had announced earlier in the year of plans by The Cardano Foundation to partner with the NGO and actively explore ways Cardano and the ADA cryptocurrency could be used to benefit East Africa’s humanitarian initiatives.

Pandemics and adverse weather conditions such as typhoons and wildfires help shed light on how global non-governmental organizations need to broaden their donation sources. Exploring cryptocurrencies as a donation source will help boost donations since the crypto ecosystem is ever-growing, this ensures humanitarian initiatives do not come to a standstill.

The Cardano Foundation set up a payments gateway for users to make donations to the NGO, and within hours of launching this gateway, they received approximately 22,000 ADA (estimated to be worth $30,000). The Cardano Foundation brought in the aspect of decentralization to the NGO by ensuring the payment gateway can accept ADA donations directly, without intermediaries.

Merging Blockchain Technology with the NGO’s Impact Innovation Hub

The non-profit arm of Cardano leans towards working with the NGO’s team in Rwanda to identify areas where blockchain technology could help take humanitarian initiatives to the next level. The Cardano Foundation is keen on advancing the humanitarian missions associated with the NGO’s Kumwe Hub.

The Kumwe Hub is an Impact Innovation Hub that is more technology-centred; in that it harnesses the power of technology to advance its humanitarian missions. Through this hub, Save the Children’s offices can engage better with the business sector and technology. The NGO’s goal in coming up with Kumwe Hub was to amplify the impact for families and children in different areas such as health, protection, and education.

Save the Children Rwanda is focusing on shaking up traditional aid delivery by partnering with crypto organizations such as The Cardano Foundation which has made its name in the crypto scene as a change-making organization. Cardano’s investment in charity is more sustainable since through their payment gateway, the NGO receives direct foreign investment and by focusing on Kumwe Hub, the two can support children and families in diverse and impactful ways aided by technological advancements.

Save the Children’s Unwavering Support for Cryptocurrencies

Save the Children is known for its support for cryptocurrencies after accepting Bitcoin donations in 2013 following the devastation in the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan. Since then, the organization has broadened its cryptocurrency wallet by accepting multiple digital tokens as donations.

Cardano had announced in March 2021 that they would delegate half a billion dollar’s worth of ADA to mission-driven stake pools on Cardano. These mission-driven stake pools usually commit to donating a portion of their block rewards to charitable causes. The Cardano Foundation aimed at helping more than 100 global charities. Since March, $270 million was further allocated into these pools and Save the Children was among the NGOs poised to benefit from the initiative.

A partnership between Save the Children and the Cardano Foundation not only helps support humanitarian missions but also advances the culture of giving back in the crypto space. Crypto organizations and enthusiasts alike can now follow these footsteps and start donating to such technologically-open charities.

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