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Trading Tent: Multi-language Platform for Trading Native Cardano Assets

Trading Tent, the core live trading system of the Cardano Blockchain, is a safe tool for exchanging native Cardano assets. With the help of a compatible wallet, you can create a tent room where others can join. A tent allows users to swap native Cardano assets within one transaction and is only executed if both parties agree. The Tent ecosystem helps users evade all escrow (third-party) scams. With over 10,000 assets traded recently, transactions have been valued at up to 2.5 million ADA. However, Trading Tent excludes a significant part of the community who are non-English speakers as the platform is only implemented in English.

Fort Gotten, the team behind Trading Tent, aims to make the highly secure trading platform available to more users globally by being more diverse and inclusive. By making the platform available in the world’s top nine languages, Trading Tent will eliminate the language barrier which bars a vast majority of the population from using the platform.

To build an all-inclusive platform, Trading Tent needs to explain the trading process in all these native languages, thereby helping users understand how to use the platform. By improving the number of Tent users, the Cardano community will equally reduce potential scams, remove bad actors, and enhance users’ safety.

The Fort Gotten Team

A team of four core leaders will lead this project. As the roadmap cascades from planning to execution, every translator who joins the team will be invited to join the managerial team. The spear-headers are: 

Horia Schiau – He is a full-stack developer and creator of the Trading Tent project. He will be overseeing the operation model of the multi-language system tool. He is set to ensure the product will be in phase with the target audience’s needs.

Carlos Arnecke – One of the Trading Tent founders with mastery of website design and digital project branding. With over ten years of product design experience, he will ensure that the language tool works efficiently with all native users’ on the UX/UI.

Sam Portillo – A Senior Strategic Designer who has challenged all problems that need solutions in the creative agency. Having Helped adapt all formats in the Trading Tent project, he will check that all teams are running to meet the goal within the timelines. With over one year of experience as a director in Fort, bridging the gap between team members and the public is his specialty.

Roberto Burgos is a content producer with over 11 years of practice in product marketing. His role is to Verify and revise translations and thus significantly contribute to keeping the product loyal to its intentions.

Bridging the Language Barrier

Trading Tent is looking to widen its reach and availability to the top nine spoken languages in the world. These are Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Filipino, Portuguese, and Indonesian. The implementation of Trading Tent in multiple languages will popularize the platform and ensure more users across the world can safely trade native Cardano assets. 

The main challenge of bridging the language barrier is translating and localizing some technical parts of Tents’s user interface and experience Gathering the proper conveyance for particular wording may be difficult to achieve. To counter this issue, the team calls for pure and honest translation of all content in the Trading Tent platform. The Fort team will clarify all the platform features, functions, and quick guide tutorials. 

The Roadmap to a Multi-language Trading Platform

The Fort team has created a clear 21-week plan to bring the project to life. The process will be done in two parallel phases and an implementation of both phases.

Creating Translations 

  • Listing and providing the complete set-up of requirements that translators will deploy – 2 weeks.
  • Finding expert translators for each language – 2 weeks.
  • Translating the Trading Tent content, including the UI/UX and Quick-start Guides, and revising translations to ensure they are accurate -4 weeks .

Technical Implementation

  • Outlining the best procedures to incorporate the multi-language tool into the platform – 2 weeks.
  • Developing the language solution tool, front and back end – 6 weeks.


  • Executing the translations using the multi-language feature and publicizing the tool to specific native speakers to get reviews and suggestions – 2 weeks. 
  • Implementing an open-source system for language translation, users will request, revise, submit, and approve translations in Tent hence creating room for more languages in the future.

Project Funding

The proposing team is requesting a total funding of $34,000, which will be used as follows:

ItemRate per languageBudget
Language translation$ 2,000$16,000
Distinct marketing materials $ 500$4,000
Distinct how-to-guides and tutorials$ 500$4,000
Multi-language tool implementation$10,000
Total estimate$34,000

Final Thoughts

Trading Tent is one the most used tools for trading Native Cardano Assets. Supporting multiple languages will significantly rise the users count globally. Eventually, new users will get acquainted with the platform. The goal is to grow Cardano Blockchain users and enhance trading quickly and securely.

For more information about the Trading Tent multi-language project, please check out the official proposal as submitted to Project Catalyst.

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