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MarketRaker AI Promises To End The Noise In Stock Trading

MarketRaker AI is a revolutionary automated trading indicator platform that harnesses the power of machine learning to provide traders and investors with market analysis.

And I must say that this is not new, because it has been applied in traditional markets for a long time, but it is a pioneering development with a blockchain use case for trading with development governance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of stock investing, and several companies are already taking advantage of its capabilities to improve the user experience and make more informed decisions based on data analysis.

AI is defined as the ability of programs to provide computer applications or machines with capabilities similar to, or better than, human beings, including reasoning, learning, and the ability to plan.

The MarketRaker AI platform uses algorithms to continuously review and model a wide range of indicators, generating AI-based trading signals, which can help users minimize risk and maximize profits.

By automating market analysis and providing actionable insights, MarketRaker AI trading indicators save time, reduce manual research efforts, and free up resources for traders to focus on other critical areas.

Since every investor is different, MarketRaker’s AI takes individual risk tolerance into account for proper management, helping traders gain a competitive advantage while respecting their risk profiles. MarketRaker allows you to customize notifications based on each user’s risk tolerance level, for markets, trading pairs, or even individual assets. Each user can choose their communication channel, whether it is Webhooks, Telegram or Discord. You can read the article.

Every trader knows that market indicators are a valuable tool for making informed investment decisions. However, the cost of many market indicator tools can be prohibitively expensive, especially for individual investors or those just starting out. That’s where MarketRaker comes into play.

The cost of a typical market indicator tool or subscription can vary widely depending on the features, data sources, and level of analysis provided.

In late 2023, MarketRaker introduced AI-based indicators for the top 100 Nasdaq stocks. You can read the article.

The Roadmap

March – November 2023 —Product Development – Alpha AI Model Launch

In December 2022, the developers began with the ambitious dream of revolutionizing the world of trading, using the blockchain with a trading and governance use case. After months of work, on November 26, 2023 they presented the first Alpha model.

December 2023 —500 Registered Users Airdrop December 2023

500 users registered on the company’s Discord server to claim the RAKER token airdrop on Minswap.

January – March 2024 —Updated Logo and Rebrand

Driven by community demand considering contributions and ideas, a new logo was chosen.

January – May 2024 —Beta AI Prediction Model and Feature Launch

This advancement aims to raise the current success rate, taking advantage of indicators and algorithms to offer even more accurate and reliable predictions. Along with the Beta AI Prediction Model, they are also working on introducing new features and improvements to further enrich the user experience.

June 2024 onwards —Integrations, Marketing, and Collaborations

This stage seeks to create a presence within the commercial community, to encourage partnerships and new integration opportunities, which will allow operators to incorporate AI tools into their current workflows and strategies.

May – November 2024 —Finalized Model Launch

The finalized AI model is planned for release. By combining this information with sophisticated algorithms, the full capabilities of price prediction will be unlocked. Operators will be able to count on price forecasts for 24/7 days, which will allow them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of events.

The Tokenomics

RAKER is the native token of the MarketRaker platform, on the Cardano blockchain.

The RAKER token plays a key role in the MarketRaker ecosystem as it is used as an indicator of your access to MarketRaker.

Having 10 RAKER Tokens in your Cardano wallet provides access to the platform for one month. This introductory offer allows you to experience AI-based trading tools. With 1,000 RAKER Tokens you have lifetime access to the platform and also exclusive advantages and privileges that will be presented within the community. Owning 10,000 RAKER tokens unlocks a number of exclusive benefits and privileges, as well as insider information and participation in project governance through direct participation in decision-making processes.

RAKER tokens are distributed as follows:

  1. Liquidity Pool: 50% of the total supply (5,302,127 RAKER) is allocated to the liquidity pool to provide adequate liquidity for RAKER token trading on the Minswap exchange.
  2. Founding Team: 500,000 RAKER tokens are allocated to the core founding team, divided equally across ten wallets. Each wallet holds 50,000 RAKER tokens.
  3. Long-term Team Members: 1,000,000 RAKER tokens are set aside for long-term team members. These tokens are divided equally across 100 wallets, with each wallet holding 10,000 RAKER tokens.
  4. Weekly Sales for Feature Development: Over the course of four years, 10,000 RAKER tokens will be sold weekly, totalling 2,080,000 RAKER tokens. The revenue from these sales will be used to fund the continuous development and improvement of MarketRaker’s features.
  5. Airdrop for Early Users: The first 500 users who hold at least ten RAKER tokens at any time and logs into MarketRaker will receive an airdrop of 1,000 RAKER tokens each, totalling 500,000 RAKER tokens.
  6. Founders’ Reserve: The remaining 1,221,127.5 RAKER (11.51%) tokens are set aside as a strategic reserve for the project founders. This reserve can be used as the founders see fit to further the growth and success of MarketRaker.

Where to Add Liquidity? here

Where to Buy RAKER (RAKER is a verified token): here 

The Team

Cobus Coetsee, CEO and founder, says he has 21 years in the technology sector. Co-founder of Matogen Telematics, the software company specializing in telemetry and offering expert software services to help UK businesses.

Wim Conradie, CFO. MBA (Master of Business Administration) (Cum Laude) B.Eng Electronic Engineering with Computer Science. On the website he reports that he has 19 years of experience in business analysis and software automation rationalization, combined with his academic training in Engineering and Business Administration. Co-founder of Matogen Corporate Web Development, a B2B software development company to supply corporate clients with experienced business software developers.

Jacobus Eksteen, Data and decision science. MBA (Master of Business Administration) B.Comm Financial Risk Management. He reports 17 years of diverse experience in data science. It says it excels at delivering solutions across various industries, particularly financial services and agriculture. His data-driven approach makes him a transformational leader in business and technology. Co-founder of Matogen Applied Insights.

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